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Nicolas Vahé

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Nicolas Vahé

Nicolas Vahé was born in Amiens in the northern part of France. Nicolas is trained as a chef and pastry chef at the ‘’Pic Valence’’ – a French 3-star Michelin restaurant. Afterwards he was trained as a chocolatier at Daniel Giraud Valence- a world famous chocolatier- 

In 2000 Nicolas came to Denmark and started working as pastry chef at Fasled Kro on Funen .
He spent the next 3 years on Funen, after which he was offered a job as a pastry chef at Fakkelgarden in Southern Jutland.

In 2007 he started his own brand of specialties, from his own recipes. Experience from his working life as a chef, gave Nicolas a good understanding of what people like. Nicolas enjoy combining traditional recipes with the modern kitchen and find new inspiration from all over the world.

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