Vinyl mat with a vibrant symmetrical and geometrical design that gives your home a harmonious atmosphere. The vinyl mat taking easy to use and maintain. The carpet is made of durable material that is easily washable, do not move or curl. Choose a small floor mat at the door or a larger size as a runner in the kitchen. 

Note: The image with the rolled-up mat is the actual color.

The mat is rolled delivered. To flatten you must first unroll the mat , then lay it in the sun or next to heating element until warming has completed – the mat has softened. Once the carpet is ‘warm, lay the mat on a cold surface. While the mat cools down he clings to the floor. Clean the mat with soap on both sides and let it dry. Do not use acid or chlorine. Don’t drag any heavy things on the mat and don’t fold the carpet. Suitable for indoor, can be used outside too on a balcony or somewhere in the shadow, the colors may fade in the sun. The mats have no grip.