Ostindia owes its success to the discovery of a hidden treasure. In 1746, a ship from China sank in front of the coast of Gothenburg and by chance a fragment of the cargo ended up in the Rörstand factory. Years later, the factory manager’s wife noticed the service and thought it was worth taking the risk and doing something with it. The Chinese porcelain from that ship was the model for the iconic Rörstand tableware that has recently been awarded “Service of the Century”. Cups, plates, bowls and other individual items have been carefully and tastefully adapted to meet today’s needs.

The Ostindia Floris tableware is the so-called “rebellious cousin” of Ostindia. The service still has the original Ostindia flowers underneath and next to the dense leaves of the Floris pattern, designed by Caroline Slotte.

This tableware is only sold in our store &k Zuid.